Authentic School Corporal Punishment- Just the Licks

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Description: For the lovers of authentic and realistic school corporal punishment, this is THE video for you. We have taken out all of the lectures and packed this video with 1 hour and 15 minutes of nothing but hard school paddlings. This video features 30 separate school paddling scenes, all recreating the manner in which school corporal punishment is still used today in high schools throughout the South. You will see young ladies bent over the desk, grabbing their ankles, and with their hands on the wall or lockers, getting the paddlings of their lives. These are not gentle scenes, with a long warm-up, or anything else that makes it easy to endure. These are proper school paddlings, administered with the goal of changing behaviors and bruising bottoms. All of the scenarios are realistic and for infractions that a high school girl would find herself committing. Each scene begins with the girl(s) being told to get into position. You will be able to watch the paddling from both the bottom and face view, as well as being able to see the results of the paddling as each girl lowers her pants and panties to show her bruised bottom. These are not light paddlings, and in all cases result in a very bruised and sore bottom. In many of these scenes you will see the direct effects of the learning process as the naughty young lady is unable to hold back the tears. This is authentic school corporal punishment with a paddle at its very finest and you will not find more realistic, or severe, school paddling videos anywhere else. 30 different paddling scenes, only the licks and the results, so I assure you, there will be no fast forwarding as there is nothing but action throughout. Now available at
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virginiaspanker - 111 days ago
I like this and really want to purchase it. The only thing is that I'm afraid my phone might not play it. Some of the sample videos won't play. Will it be available on DVD? I hope so. You know how to use that paddle. Oh and if you have time...check out my videos.
Justjanie - 123 days ago
Really great clips as always. You know what would be interesting and I've never seen before? It's a view of the bruising the next day...
I know I always like to look. That's when you get a real idea of the damage.
Thank you for sharing. Your videos are always impactful!
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